Post and Rail

Post and Rail

Product Specifications

Height: any height up to 1.5m
Post caps: Flat Cap

Section width: 2.45m (post centre to centre)


2 Rails:  R385.00 per metre (incl vat, posts and post caps)
3 Rails: R480.00 per metre (incl vat, posts and post caps)
4 Rails: R580.00 per metre (incl vat, posts and post caps)
(Pricing valid for 2020)


Suggested uses:

  • Replace existing rotten wood fencing.
  • Replace dangerous steel or wire fencing.
  • For paddocks or enclosures for horses.
  • For parade or lunge rings.
  • Use for winners enclosures.
  • Use around pastures and grazing areas.
  • Along the length of your driveway.
  • Ideal for stud farms and equestrian developments.
  • Use to demarcate your property’s boundary.
  • Public areas where demarcation and pedestrian or vehicle control is required.


  • Calculate and measure the position for each fence post.
  • Mark these positions, then dig a hole to the required depth for each fence post.
  • Insert a fence post into each hole, align and then fill with concrete.
  • Once the concrete has dried, simply slide and lock the rails into the routed hole in each post.
  • Lastly, glue the caps on each post.


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